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Mary Ann Todd was born on December 13, 1818, in Lexington, Kentucky. She was one of seven children born to Robert Todd and his wife, Eliza. Her mother died when she was just six years old and her father remarried shortly after. He and his new wife, Elizabeth Humphreys, had nine more children. Growing up, Mary was an excellent student with a bubbly personality. In 1839, she moved to Springfield, Illinois, to live with her older sister, Elizabeth Edwards. As the daughter of a prominent Kentucky family with an outgoing personality, Mary caused quite a stir in Springfield society. There she met Abraham Lincoln and, after a long and turbulent courtship, the two were married in 1842. Together, they had four children, all boys:             
Mary spent so much money on clothes that she was constantly in danger of putting the family in debt.

A painting showing Mary and Abraham Lincoln at the last reception he attended before he was killed.

Only one of Mary Todd Lincoln's sons was still alive by the time she died in 1882.

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