Almost everybody loves birthdays, and birthday cards and invitations can be a big part of the fun. Make invitations for your party by selecting a card and adding your favorite art. Or make a card for someone else on their special day.
Step 1. Create it!
Choose "birthday invitation" or "birthday card" below. Follow the instructions and design your own cool card.

Step 2. Print it!

Step 3. Cut it!
Using scissors, cut off the edges of the paper along the line.

Step 4. Fold it!
Once you've printed your card, follow these easy folding directions. Voila—instant birthday!

A. Fold the paper in half along the red dotted line. Make sure the cover picture and inside text stay on the outside. B. Hold the folded page so that the inside text is facing you and fold it in half from left to right. C. Enjoy your card!

Are you ready? Choose a card and create it!

I want to make a birthday invitation.

I want to make a birthday card.